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Front-Roller Classic (pair)

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Price: $160.00

Front-Roller Classic (pair)

 Front Roller Classic White Line  Front Roller Classic Black  Front Roller Classic Blue  Front Roller Classic Grey  Front Roller Classic Orange  Front Roller Classic Yellow

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The universal luggage solution for your bicycle: the ORTLIEB Front-Rollers. Winners without exception through years of testing in outdoor and specialist magazines, they have also been proven excellent in extreme real-life tests by highly ambitious bikers all over the world. They transport your luggage on the left and right side of the front wheels respectively, giving optimal weight distribution and high protection. Their robust fabric, ample volume, and extremely low weight make them perfect for extended bike tours, as well as daily use from home. The air tight roll closures, the shoulder strap, and the ORTLIEB QL system prove that easy solutions are also the most convenient ones.

  • Suitable for children's bikes
  • For lowrider or rear rack
  • Made of polyester fabric
  • QL1 mounting system
  • Reflectors for high visibility
  • Pannier carrying system, Outer Pocket size S
  • INFO:
  • The Back-Rollers and Front-Rollers can be combined with the ORTLIEB Rack-Pack on the rear rack for waterproof transport of tent, sleeping bag, and mattress