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UltraLight Dry Bag Liner PS 10/PS 33
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Price: $26.00 - $65.00

UltraLight Dry Bag Liner PS 10/PS 33

 Dry bag 50 L  Drybag 120 L

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The UltraLight Dry bag Liner is made of light weight nylon fabric and will protect your goods in bags without waterproof protection. The reinforced round bottom is made of tear and folding resistant PS17 fabric and features a base loop to allow for simpler and easier unpacking. The roll top closure (roll at least 3-4 times) secures belongings and ensures waterproof protection. Available in two sizes (50L, 120L) for a variety of packing needs.

  • **Attention: Must add 20cm/8in to height for measurement when bag is open