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Price: $35.00 - $45.00


 Saddle-bag in Oceanblue-black  Saddle-bag in Lime-black  Saddle-bag in Signalred-black  Saddlebag mounted to saddle

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The ORTLIEB Saddle-Bag with roll closure is made of a PU-coated nylon fabric in several color options.The bag also features an inner stiffener, a reflector, and an adjustable mounting system. Fixation for Brooks and comfort saddles is available as separate accessory (Art.No. F 96 E).

  • A reflector and the ability to mount an additional rear light are further features of these small but fine bags.
  • Saddlebag has the bonus of functioning as a mudguard
  • The two D-rings on the roll closure make the saddle-bag easy to attach or remove