Cargo Evo


It´s a classic – now updated for all modern requirements. The allround carrier has become even better by improving important details now. 3D-feet with perfect force absorbtion and integrated screw attachment. New superlight mountingparts for mounting the stays to the frame. Click spring clamp. Rear light protection by drawn-out tubes. Armed for additional 25 years on the road.


  • Material:  25CrMo4
  • Weight Carrier: 530g
  • Weight Mounting Parts: 138g
  • Carrying Capacity: 26 kg/57.3 lbs*
  • NOTE: *Maximum admissible load capacity for this carrier is limited to 26 kg /?57.3 lbs. as ISO 11243:2016 allows mounting a child seat from an admissible load of 27 kg /?59.5 lbs. or more. The carrier is not allowed for mounting a child seat and consequently not allowed for transporting children; therefore load capacity has to be limited to 26 kg/57.3 lbs. The carrier was successfully tested according ISO 11243:2016 with a test load of 40 kg?/?88.1 lbs., however, due to the above-mentioned legal reasons it is only admissible for a maximum load of 26 kg?/57.3 lbs.
  • Wheel size:  26″ or 700c
  • Mounting Instructions
  • Dimension Drawing