Bicycle Handlebar Bags

Whether you’re interested in riding around town or riding around the world, waterproof handlebar bags by ORTLIEB offer you plenty of stowage space for everything you’d like to have at hand while you ride – for instance, your smartphone or an energy bar.


Handlebar bags are all about convenience. They offer a quick-access place for you to stow the things you need while riding, for instance, a map, an apple or your smartphone. This is a highly practical feature no matter whether you’re off on an extended tour or on your way into town to go shopping. ORTLIEB offers handlebar bags in various models. The Velo-Pocket and Barista models were designed for urban biking. In contrast, our line of Ultimate6 products includes features that are ideal for extended tours. By the way, all ORTLIEB handlebar bags are compatible with Rixen & Kaul mounting equipment!


The proven carriers for extended bike tours include the Ultimate6 Classic and the Ultimate6 Plus with their 7-liter payloads. The Ultimate6 Pro E comes with the following additional practical feature: you can recharge your smartphone by connecting it to your hub dynamo. All you need is a voltage converter. You can also recharge your navigation device. And all the while, your high-tech equipment is optimally protected because all ORTLIEB handlebar bags are completely waterproof.

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