Ideal for multiday tours and self-supported races, the ORTLIEB Gravel-Pack duo offers you a combined payload of 25 liters for additional gear such as mess kits, food and other “luxury” items. Mounting the Pack to your lowrider bike rack allows you to maintain a low center of gravity and undiminished off-road agility despite your extra gear.
While the Pack’s streamlined design – without inside pockets and a shoulder-strap pad – helps to keep it in the featherweight class, its lightweight, wear-resistant material withstands even the harshest of rock and gravel conditions you encounter on your way. And no matter how wet the weather, your things will stay dry thanks to the proven ORTLIEB-waterproof quality and roll closure.
With the QL2.1 system and two mounting hooks, the Gravel-Pack remains tightly attached to your bike rack while you ride over hill and dale on your gravel grinder, mountain bike or fatbike.


Ideal for adventurers: The ORTLIEB Gravel-Pack, as a single bag with the proven Quick-Lock3.1 mounting system that offers you a generous 14.5 liters of storage space for all your additional gear.

The single bag effortlessly withstands the toughest conditions on gravel and or rocky trails, thanks to its lightweight and abrasion-resistant material. Even adverse weather can’t harm your gear because the bag is equipped with the proven ORTLIEB roll closure, guaranteeing absolute waterproofness.

With the Quick-Lock3.1 mounting system and its three flat attachment points, the Gravel-Pack is securely and stably attached to the rack while remaining lightweight. You can confidently go on discovery tours with your gravel, mountain, or fat bike and fully focus on the adventure.

Whether you’re going on a multi-day tour or participating in a self-supported race, the ORTLIEB Gravel-Pack is the reliable companion that keeps your gear safe and dry while you explore the world.



+ Reflectors on the sides of the bag


Bags with the Quick-Lock3.1 mounting system include a mounting set that allows you to use the bag on standard luggage racks without the integrated QL3.1 mounting elements. The mounting set weighs only 140 g and attaches securely to the rack. If your luggage rack already has an integrated QL3.1 mount, such as our Quick-Rack, you do not need the mounting set.



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